Guille Santos is a director, writer and editor born in Brazil and based in Hollywood. Guille's storytelling intends to showcase a classic decoupage immersed in a realistic expressionism of narratives. Graduated in International Relations in Brazil, Guille is currently a student in Directing at LA Film School. He has directed short films such as Snake Moan (2017) and Ditectrice (2021). Also released music videos like Swirl (2020), B340 (2020), History of Heat co directed with Sadaf H Nava (2020) and Eternal Family co directed with Charlie Grant (2020).

His films have been featured in festivals like BOGOSHORTS (Colombia), Cine en Guadalajara (Mexico), Fantaspoa (Brasil) and many others festivals. Also in magazines such as V magazine (US) The Fader (US), Paper (US), Avyss (Japan), Our Culture (UK) and Colorsxs Studios (Germany).