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Guilherme's storytelling intends to showcase a classic decoupage immersed in a realistic expressionism of narratives



At 13:00 BST on Friday 16 July 2021, Guille Santos and Sadaf H. Nava's short film Ditectrice has its first public screening in the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival and on SHOWstudio. Drawing from Nava's work in music, the film meditates on cinematic clichés and surreal mythologies, bringing an old fable to life.

We spoke to the directors ahead of the launch to find out how it feels to show at the most renowned film event in the world after a year in lockdown, and using the medium of film to talk about womanhood.



Shown on SHOWstudio in line with its premiere in the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2021, this film meditates on cinematic female clichés, bringing to life a surrealistic fable circulating through the nerves, pumped and distributed by its own mythologies.

'We wanted to deconstruct the archetype of the femme fatale, exploring cinematic narratives and classic decoupage.' Guille Santos


Flaunt Magazine

The rise of female-centric cinema is a long-awaited blessing, as is this short. In recent years Iran, home to director Sadaf H. Nava, has seen a blooming film industry of new creators where they previously were not. Over the past 20 years, the nation has been hailed as a capital for exceedingly unique auteur cinema, becoming an unexpected film hot spot. Brazil, with a rocky and often politically threatened film industry, has produced a crop of filmmakers through the last century. It, by no coincidence, is the birthplace of the other director of this film, Guilherme Santos.


Flaunt Magazine

Dasychira continues the ritual begun in their video for “Eternal Family” off of their Hollywood Forever mixtape, minting the Dybbuk Box Diablo as an NFT, now available through Async Art. The box, originally purchased for the “Eternal Family” video—directed by Charlie Grant and Guilherme Santos— cursed and wretched, later disappeared after shooting the video. Now, Dasychira passes the box onto others via the digital realm it left to, much like the owner of the original Dybbuk box, as legend says, passed off as a gift to others.

Eternal Family - Dasychira

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By chance, Charlie and I were connected through the ether of technology, another vessel of vibrational transference that allowed our worlds to come together via dimension lapse. I had been staying with Guilherme in their Hollywood apartment just before the pandemic hit in March 2020. When the city went into lockdown, Gui retreated up north to San Francisco while I stayed on in Hollywood. The walls between fantasy and everyday living collapsed, particularly in the setting of a dystopian scene on Vine St. While reflecting in quarantine, I saw someone share a song from my last album xDream in their Instagram story. It was a strange video of crows flying around in a circle. I replied to the story, and a conversation followed with @final_garden, who I later got to know as Charlie — a filmmaker based in LA like Gui.

Polaroid by Chuck Grant and BTS Footage by Hunter

Sadaf's 'History of Heat' Video Is Dizzying and Decadent

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Sadaf sits completely still in her new music video for "History of Heat," although the song itself is everything but calm. A mix of staccato drum beats, uneasy violin and the New York-based musician's distant vocals, her track builds into a manic finale with screams and heightened distortion. As a self-declared "maximalist," any type of "restraint" is difficult for Sadaf, but she decided a seated performance would be a beautiful challenge here.

Lifted off her latest album of the same name, "History of Heat" was filmed in collaboration with Guille Santos, a Brazilian director who now resides in Hollywood. The visual was shot in both Los Angeles and Valencia, Spain, and features spliced together clips of flamenco dancers to "weave a sensual narrative around dance and storytelling," according to Santos. They were inspired by televised live performances from the '70s and '80s, which is felt in the grainy, disorienting cuts featured throughout.


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New York City-based artist Sadaf H Nava is unpredictable. Despite an initially statuesque, nearly-languid performance in her new music video, premiering today on V, she erupts into shouts and calls unexpectedly, dancing along the way. Viewers, interchanging between these still moments and fast, suddenly intoxicating clips of Flamenco dancers (shot in Valencia, Spain), experience an array of emotions. It’s strange, entrancing, and dizzying in its attractiveness.

Sadaf H Nava co-directed the video with Guille Santos, originally from Brazil but now based in Hollywood, the video accompanies the track “History of Heat,” which is the title track off of Sadaf’s new album.

Watch Dasychira’s spellbinding new video for “Swirl”

The Fader

South African-born, New York-based artist Dasychira crafts sounds that emphasize all the gnarled abstractions in our constantly amorphous world. Their latest album, 2019's xDream, featured Pinocchio on the cover, declaring an intent to cut the puppet strings and embody a truer self. Today, they're delving further into the fantasy with the premiere of their new video for "Swirl," a scuffed-up symphony they produced with Malibu for xDream. The Guille Santos-directed clip illustrates an origin story of sorts, where a Californian hallucination gives way to a feminine awakening.


Colorsxs Studios
South African-born, New York-based artist Dasychira (pronounced /ˈdah.see.kira/) unveils transcendent new visual for ‘Swirl’. The spellbinding and otherworldly music video directed and edited by Guille Santos wonderfully captures the song’s magical and awe-inspiring atmospherics which combine celestial electronics with heavenly violins courtesy of Vivek Menon. Check out the brilliant music video to ‘Swirl’ here and be sure to check out their latest album ‘xDream’ if you haven’t already.

並行世界シンフォニー|DasychiraがMalibuとのコラボ曲「Swirl 」のMVを公開

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Kevin VenomのバイオリンとDasychira自身のボーカルが美しく幽玄でシンフォニックな今作の映像はGuille Santosが手がけている。また映像後半で流れるトラックだろうか?Kamixloによる今作のリミックスも近日リリースされるとのこと。

アルバム『xDream』はFaltyDL主宰の〈Blueberry Records〉とDasychiraやQUALIATIK率いるコレクティブ〈UNSEELIE〉の共同リリースで、ゲストにMalibuの他にもEmbaci、Baby Blue、Yikiiが参加している。アートワークはSwan Meatなどの作品も手がけるS.A Mayer、マスタリングはJesse Osborne-Lanthierが担当した。

Dasychira and the Paradox of Childhood by Matt Moen

Paper Magazine

Some days it feels like it would be great to be young again. To look at the world with childlike wonder, full of limitless possibilities and potential. To go back to a time when your imagination was its most fertile and magic hid around every corner. It's no wonder we tend to look back on childhood so fondly, even if we sometimes forget how awkward and embarrassing it could be.

For New York-based, Johannesberg-raised artist Dasychira, youth has always been a point of fascination. Their debut album, xDream, released last year on FaltyDL's Blueberry Records, is an exploration of the death and rebirth of childhood, unpacking repressed elements of their identity and embracing newfound fluidity. Full of unsettling music box melodies and borderline cartoonish sounds, xDream unfolds like a gothic carnival ride.

Premiere: Dasychira - "B340"

Office Magazine

The Queen Mary is perhaps the spookiest relic of Los Angeles. Allegedly haunted by multiple spirits who were murdered there, the retired British ocean liner now acts as a floating hotel for curious patrons to experience its rich history and paranormal vibes.

For New York based electronic artist Dasychira, the ship served as inspiration for their latest "ghost romance" music video, which premieres today on office.

Dasychira Shares Mesmerizing Video for ‘Swirl’

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South African artist Dasychira has shared a mesmerizing video for their Malibu-featuring single ‘Swirl’, taken from 2019’s xDream. Watch the Guille Santos-directed visual below.

“The video for Swirl came together when I arrived in LA after a month-long Asia tour with only hours to recover in New York,” Dasychira explained for The FADER. “Reality was virtually impossible to grasp, and before I knew it I was on my way to another world. I felt completely spellbound… We shot scenes in Pasadena, Downtown LA, Gui’s Vine St. apartment and El Matador Beach in Malibu. It was a blessing to work with a crew who imbued this spirit of magic and optimism, and shooting the video was like an opportunity to repaint childhood the way I had wanted.”